Business Services

Serunt is a problem solving company

A company is a solution to a (set of) problem(s). Sound management can therefore be seen as solving problems in a dynamic environment.

Serunt supports decision makers by treating the entire organization as a solution to be optimized. To do this, Serunt provides support in the three major steps of optimization:

  1. The organization's effectiveness in solving the objective(s) is assessed

    Serunt provides Business Analysis reports to help you discover the objectives and evaluate how successful your organization is in achieving them.


    Understand the business processes, the positioning of the organization in the competitive environment and the general strategy actually pursued by the company.

  2. Alternative organizational decisions are evaluated, as they entail change, i.e. new and better solutions are proposed.

    Serunt provides action plans that lead to quality improvement projects to help you manage activities now and in the future. These can be operational or tactical projects in order to align operations with strategy. But an action plan could also be to develop a new strategy.


    Setting up the project(s) to make the required changes in order to optimize performance. Managing these projects

  3. In a dynamic environment, the organization should be governed continuously in order to assure success.
    Grow & Improve

    Serunt provides BI management solutions via customized tools and dashboards to help you monitor quality and steer your company to success.


    Providing a data driven dashboard to monitor and manage your organization.



Capabilities & Services


Business Strategy Analysis
Business Requirement Analysis
Programme & Project Management
Business Intelligence System Design
Organization design
Risk Analysis
Business Plan
Business Capability Growth
BI Coaching
Change Management
Operational Reporting & Optimization


Legal Strategy
Business Law
GDPR Compliance Support
Contract Design


Data Processing & Analysis
Data Exploration & Business Insight
Predictive Analytics & Forecasting
Machine Learning
Survey Design & Engineering
AI workflow development & implementation
Model Development & Engineering
Data Science


Effective Communication Methods Coaching
Retail Staff Management Coaching
Retail Staff Training