dr. Ir. Nicholas Alexander Vergeylen

Hi! I'm the founder of Serunt.
Let me give you a quick overview of my background and experience.


I have a masters degree in Civil Engineering (Electrotechnics/ICT) and business economics, both obtained at Ghent University. I obtained a PhD in applied economical sciences (operations research) at Antwerp University.

Check out some of my academic publications here.



I have been active as an IT consultant, software engineer and business analyst. I have teaching experience in Belgium and abroad (Maryland) (high school, undergraduate and graduate students). I managed a large supermarket and wine shop.
On the side I have seated in the board of professional organizations such as Buurtsuper and ALVO, as well as in social clubs (Vlaamse Wijngilde - Aalst).

Check out some of my achievements that were covered by the media here.


Why Serunt?

My experience in developing my PhD, which focused how we can practically solve complex problems, taught me to model problems and identify how we can practically optimize solutions.
My experience in IT and as a general manager taught me that many practical problems come from two main sources:

  • The design of the solution is not fully compatible with the objectives.
  • The realization is flawed due to the lack of required (communication) skills.

I can offer an analytic approach and bring focus on measurable characteristics. This will lead to sound improvements in your business, and eventually in a more manageable and more profitable organization.

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Meet some of our top collaborators!

prof. Javier Bas, PhD. - Data strategy consultant, CEO

Business Analytics International Institute (Baii) specializes in descriptive, explorative and predictive data analyses of high quality and focus on insight. They have global experience in modeling and decision support.

Madrid, ES

Alexander Wynter - Legal strategist, Managing partner

Flex is a reference firm with respect to Belgian Enterprise Law. They excel at bridging the gap between legal-technical problems and pure strategic decisions.

Hamme/Aalst, BE

Bart Persoons/Luc Ardies - Manager PMO/Founder & President

PMO is a hub for quality management and staff trainings in the Flemish retail business. They excel at introducing strong and effective communication.

Brussels, BE