Serunt offers support for making organizational decisions. These decisions are made in a broad scope, under a high degree of uncertainty and have a big impact.
It should not come as a surprise that different skills of high specialization are needed, depending on the kind of decision. Serunt has a network of partners suited for this purpose. Serunt and partners can help you identify the right skills for your decision problem.

Data strategy

Making informed decisions in uncertain and dynamic environments requires high quality information input. This implies at least three things:

  1. Data No data means no input
  2. Model Raw data needs to be transformed into insightful information
  3. Method Information and insight should lead to a decision and risk strategies

Serunt and collaborators can introduce powerful organizational capabilities by setting up quality data flows, state-of-the-art analytics models and embed these systems in a decision process in order to assist you in achieving the strategic goals. This includes trainings for people involved in the process.

Legal strategy

Business economics and legal strategy go hand in hand. From including the right clauses in your general conditions, to merger and acquisition decisions and negotiations, you need to understand whether or not your course of action is valid, and its legal implications. Flex has the expertise to provide you with this insight.

But - more importantly - you need a strategist that helps you choose, provides you with new and valid alternatives and helps you align your business strategy with legislation so that you can achieve your goals in a valid and effective way. Serunt and partners can offer such decision support activities.

Communication Strategy - The Retail Case

The (flemish) retail sector is in full transition. New technologies and online shopping push management to revisit the concept of the enterprise. The biggest problem, however, is that the new business concept and strategy is not communicated well to the mindset and experience of the employees.

Strategy is incomplete when it is not translated into an organization that lives, breathes and communicates. Moreover, it remains incomplete when it is only a design. All important stakeholders should understand and support the organization's strategy, which requires a strong and interactive strategic communication process.

PMO recognizes this, and supports retailers in aligning staff, strategy and operations through effective communication.

Meet some of our top collaborators!

prof. Javier Bas, PhD. - Data strategy consultant, CEO

Business Analytics International Institute (Baii) specializes in descriptive, explorative and predictive data analyses of high quality and focus on insight. They have global experience in modeling and decision support.

Madrid, ES

Alexander Wynter - Legal strategist, Managing partner

Flex is a reference firm with respect to Belgian Enterprise Law. They excel at bridging the gap between legal-technical problems and pure strategic decisions.

Hamme/Aalst, BE

Bart Persoons/Luc Ardies - Manager PMO/Founder & President

PMO is a hub for quality management and staff trainings in the Flemish retail business. They excel at introducing strong and effective communication.

Brussels, BE